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Software, App, Data Analysis

Web Software, Mobile App, Systems Integration, Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management.

Servizi di sviluppo software e app mobile


We develop software and management tools for computers, tablets and smartphones dedicated to productivity optimisation and report reliability enhancement with a focus on aspects related to inspection, cleanliness, processing and modelling of the data, with the aim of highlighting and suggesting insights that support strategic decision-making within the company.


The planning and implementation of strategies for Customer Management as well as the acquisition and expansion of reports and information dedicated to contact loyalty are essential priorities in the development of our software.

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Microsoft .Net

Microsoft Visual Studio, Expression Blend, SQL Server


Thanks to the adoption of excellent frameworks, we are able to create applications for devices, the desktop and the Web.


Instruments dedicated to the measurement of user interface response speed allow devices to be used more effectively, ensuring long and stable operation.

iOS, mobile



The latest tools directly developed by Apple enable our programmers to simultaneously create applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, with the possibility of assessing the project preview on each device to create user experience at the highest levels.


Automatic reporting functions for the detection of hidden bugs or problems that are almost impossible to replicate effectively allow for clean code to be generated well before the publication of the app for internal testing.

java, php, c++



By leveraging an integrated multi-language and multi-platform development environment, it is possible to produce software in Java and C++, simultaneously managing XML and PHP.


Designed specifically to take advantage of the merging of different portions of code designed for specific purposes, Eclipse allows us to customise the software production, tailoring it precisely to the client requirements.